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Multiple Company "ANTA" also sells dry firewood and fresh wood European Union countries. We offer You all kinds of wood listed in our range. We cut wood at logs with dimensions of 25 cm or 30 cm and 40 cm - special order, then we pack it in boxes - pallets with dimensions of: 120 cm (L.) X 80 cm (W.) X 120 cm (H.) = 1 RM timber. Pallets are stacked in and strapped, that creates a stable package with an excess of height 245 cm. Dry wood humidity is in the range from 17% to 25%.

Our company currently has own transport which gives Youthe guarantee of a comprehensive service at the highest level.

One transport of fresh wood includes:
- 34 boxes (RM), oak or beech.
- 44 boxes (RM), birch or alder.
- 50 boxes (RM), pinewood.

One transport of dry wood includes:
- 52 boxes (RM), oak or beech.
- 54 boxes (RM), birch or alder.
- 60 boxes (RM), pinewood.

ul. Starogrodzka 37
78-500 Drawsko Pomorskie
Projekt i wykonanie:
Drawsko Pomorskie
2012r - 2017r.

+48 608 393 790
+48 696 091 716

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